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January, 2004: Sorry my update is so late... between my activities at work and the curling rink, I just haven't felt like spending much time on the computer.  I haven't made many major updates since the last milestone, although I'm trying my best to keep the Beta Reader Index List current (a few new members joined, while some have departed).  I have also officially put up both text and HTML versions of my latest (maybe even final?) story: the Romancing the Stone's "Backslide".  Yes - as hard as it is to contemplate, retirement may be in the near future.

Hey, remember that prediction I made in the last milestone update (ie. 20,000 in Nov/2003)?  Be surprised or not, but I think it actually occurred!  I say think, because my webhost server apparently pulled the plug on its webstat services from Nedstat - some time in the last two weeks of November.  The last time I checked the counter was in the close proximity of 19,950 hits.  If the milestone hadn't occurred by Nov 30, it would have within a few days.

Makes me wonder, though, if this is an omen regarding the future of the Writers' Corner and my fanfic hobby?

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Welcome to Starbase 7M24 - The Writers' Corner.  I've created this site to showcase the wonderful world of Star Trek fan fiction.  You'll not only find my own collection of creative prose, though.  I also feature information resources that the budding Trek fanfic writer will find useful, plus links to story archives, fanfic sites, and home pages designed by many other authors of this particular genre.

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Here's something else I thought I'd put into the Writers' Corner for a little while now: an essay I wrote for my Comparative Literature course last year (the course was about Science Fiction, naturally, and a good way to fill up an Arts option in my degree. )  I had to touch it up a little bit, but it's relatively the same thing I handed my instructor.  If you really want to know why I like Star Trek so much, you'll want to read this.

Here is another essay about Data's right-to-life court hearing from "The Measure of a Man".  This was actually a final exam question for my Foundations of Cognitive Science course I took last winter.  We knew about the question in advance of the exam, so I was able to write a draft of it.  Of course, the final version was a bit different (having to rewrite the whole essay by rote memory, which is not easy for me), but the overall gist is the same.  I took the draft copy and fleshed it out a little more, so hopefully it will be more informative and easier to understand.  You might also find it to be an interesting argument, too.  Please note, however, that this essay does not reflect my own personal opinions about Commander Data.  (The whole argument should be taken with a grain of salt, since the whole topic of discussion revolves around fictional characters anyway!)

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