My personal homage to Roddenberry's vision

My own contribution to the Star trek genre. I took up the pastime of writing Star Trek fan fiction in the fall of '95 during my work experience program (a great way to kill your free time!) but I'm completely addicted to it now. Makes for quite a challenge now that I have to concentrate on all my courses.

The total sum of the stories I've written (to date) are rated no higher than PG-13 according to criterion set in alt.startrek.creative. The ratings have been given by me (and so far I haven't received any flack about them, so I guess I'm doing a decent job.) You may correct me if you feel I'm wrong.

Feedback is a major driving force behind any fan writing, and mine is no exception. If you have any comments about a story you've read (eg. you liked it or hated it, you think my grasp of lexical structure is an abomination, etc.), mail me your opinion (and please provide some informative comments! I can't learn nothin' if you don't tell me what I'm doin' wrong!)

Help Name the Vignettes!

That's right -- I'm asking for public opinion! When I first started producing the Vignettes series it was with the intention of serving up nameless bits and pieces to the community of Alt.Startrek.Creative, in hopes of perhaps generating interest of further developing them into deeper stories. To date, though, that hasn't happened (aside from personally.)

With the release of the fourth installment of the series, I decided to renege that offer, and so with it I felt it necessary to entitle the segments within each series. I've already come up with preliminary titles, but I'm not entirely satified with all of them. Then I figured, what would it hurt if I ask those who've read them for suggestions? Hey, it might be fun, you never know!

To submit suggestions, send me an e-mail with the subject "Name the Vignettes", and be sure to include the number of the series.

Poetry, Filk and Other Verse

Who would've thought I'd stoop to the depths of writing poetry? Well, I suppose it's not too harmful to the creative process: it still requires theme and (to some extent) plot, and keeps the creative muscles limber even when you're recovering from burn-out. Here's what's available:

The Haiku Challenge
Seven's Now A Lone Soul (The Lost Filk)

The Stories

Following is a list of titles from which you may sample:

Star Trek: Voyager

The Paris Deception
(Last revision: June 26, 1999)
Hypertext version
Summary: An addition to the Star Trek:Voyager episode "Threshold". Previews Janeway and Tuvok's plans to expose an unknown leak to the Kazon (Jonas), which were divulged in the episode "Investigations". The story centers on the experiences of Tom leading up to the acceptance of the undercover mission.
The Voyager Vignettes series: Text: I / II / III / IV
Hypertext: I / II / III / IV
Summary: An assortment of very short segments highlighting various events experienced by the characters created in the Star Trek:Voyager universe.
Mr. Kim's Wild Ride
(Last Revision: Feb. 7, 1997)
1-2 / 3-4 / 5-6 / 7-8 / 9-10 / 11-End
Summary: In serious need of repairs and recuperation after the encounter with the divergence field in "Deadlock", the crew of the Voyager encounter the friendly, accomodating Xausans, a monarchial race. Harry's vacation turns into a nightmare when he finds himself suddenly engaged to a member of the royal family, and things are only going to get worse....
Today's Special 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
All / Hypertext version
Summary: Frustrated with the crew's complaints about his cooking, Neelix decides to try some new recipes using newly acquired stock. The new fare is a big hit, but there is one unfortunate side-effect: one of the ingredients is a highly addictive substance to the Alpha Quadrant natives. Can a cure be found before people start dying from overdose?
Romancing the Stone (series)
Summary: Follow Tom's exploits to win the favour of Lt. Leena Calloway, a junior security officer who won't accept him because of his shady past.
The Official Series Theme Song: Just like each of the Star Trek television series are identifiable by their own distinctive musical accompaniment, so too does this series have an earmark piece.  Click here to find out more.
Stage I: Breaking Ground
(Last Revision: July 7, 2002)
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10
All / Hypertext version
Summary: Inattentiveness on the job lands Tom in hot water with the captain, but sometimes even bad things can have good consequences.  A temporary assignment to night security lands the pilot under the supervision of Lt. (j.g.) Leena Calloway, an attractive but cold and hard-edged woman.  Hoping to stake a claim to a possible relationship, Tom takes it upon himself to break through her stony facade, but the task turns out to be more than he bargained for when she declares her outright contempt of him based on his officially recorded history.  Tom hopes that the recounting of the actual events leading to his fall from Starfleet will presuade her to have a change of heart.
Stage II: Diamond in the Rough
(Last Revision: July 9, 2002)
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
All / Hypertext version
Summary: Leena undergoes a true test of character when both of her mentors disappear during an away mission, and she is put in charge as the temporary head of security.  While she handles it less than flawlessly, she rediscovers her sense of trust with the people around her.
Stage III: Unearthed 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 /
11 / 12 / 13
All / Hypertext version
Summary: Tom and Leena discover more about each other and themselves as they take on the changes brought on by moving toward a committed relationship - some more profound than others.
Stage IV: Backslide 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9
All / Hypertext version
Summary: Tom must sabotage his relationship with Leena to protect his covert assignment to find Voyager's resident spy, Michael Jonas.
Stage V: Getting Water From A Stone Not wriiten
Summary: Tom struggles to recapture Leena's affections.
Stage VI: Cracks in the Mantle Not written
Summary: Leena's grudge against Tom weakens after Cullah and Seska's conquest of Voyager, believing the pilot to be dead.
Stage VII: A Rocky Road to Separation Not written
Summary: Tom begins to tire of being constantly rejected by Leena, and starts getting swept up in the pursuit of other women.  Leena doesn't quite realize what she stands to lose until it's too late.
Less Than for the Sake of Giving
(Or, Kes' Transformation Explained)
Hypertext version
Summary: A short parody/addition to the Star Trek: Voyager episode "The Gift", explaining the true nature of Kes' evolution to a higher form of existence and the farewell present she bestows upon the crew of Voyager.
Author Revenged All
Hypertext version
Summary: Gee, playing with the lives of Star Trek characters sure is fun. However, after getting abducted by Voyager's prodigal fly-boy, I just might want to re-evaluate my favorite hobby....
This fun little piece was written in response to a challenge issued by Stephen B. Ratliff to the writer populace of A.S.C.
In Space, No One Can Hear You Gag All
Hypertext version
Summary: I've gone and done it again. Just when I think it's safe to start writing and posting stories again, I get another visit from the Delta Quadrant's finest.  A follow-up to the RevengeFic Challenge.
Do The Hustle All
Hypertext version
Summary: There's a well-known tenet, "you can't hustle the hustler", but Harry Kim manages to put one over on Tom Paris after the pilot cons the ensign into another double-date with the Delaney twins.
This was my submission the Strange New Worlds short story anthology contest held by Pocket Books. Obviously, my entry didn't make the final cut (the editor had over 3,000 to choose from), otherwise I wouldn't be posting it here.
Fed Up All
Hypertext version
Summary: Neelix feels unappreciated by his crewmates in his role as the ship's cook and finally decides that a labour strike is the only way to get some respect, but will his ploy work?
This was one of my entries for the second Strange New Worlds anthology contest.  In retrospect I should have listened to my beta reader and not sent it in.
Promises, Promises 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8
Summary: When Seven's human characterists begin to reassert themselves, she decides to call on Tom's favour to help her out of her predicament.  Can Tom possibly help her without getting in trouble with both B'Elanna and Harry?
This is my first venture into writing above the PG-13 rating. I would strongly discourage underaged viewers from viewing this material.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Well, after almost 3-1/2 years of writing Voyager fanfic, I was finally able to break into a new venue, even if it was only a short trip. :)  So far the experiments have been small in comparison to my Voyager tales, but who knows what will happen in the future?

Shades of Gray & Blue All
Hypertext version
Summary: (Formerly titled Night Has Fallen.)  When a newly-cured Sarina leaves DS9, it seems everyone wants to help Julian put his life back in order.  An unlikely source, however, provides new questions as well as solutions.  An addition to the episode "Chrysalis".
Daniel All
Hypertext version
Summary: When news of an old friend's passing reaches Miles O'Brien, he does the only fitting thing to do to deal with it -- by drowning his sorrows.  Lucky for him someone comes along to help him out.
I wrote this (practically in the spur of the moment) as a dedication to George D. Morgan, who left us on Feb. 4, 1999 at the young age of 35.  While I did not know him that well, I wanted to do something to show how much he will be missed by all of us at ASC.
What Kind Of Question Is That?
Winner, 1999 ASC Awards, Best Miscellaneous DS9 story
Hypertext version
Summary: A frivolous attempt to cross Star Trek with the improvisational comedy program Whose Line Is It Anyway?.  Kira and Odo's morning plans are disturbed by Quark's usual furtive behaviour.

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