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I'm hoping this page can eventually become a one-stop site for the fanfic writers out there, from the budding scribe to the seasoned veteran looking for that elusive reference.  I've already collected a number of pretty decent website that are loaded with juicy tidbits for writers thirsty for information, but I know there is still much more out there that I haven't found yet.

U.S.S. Voyager crew manifest

Thought I'd try something that might benefit the writing community (at least for authors of Star Trek: Voyager fiction.)  I've compiled a canon list of Voyager's crew (all characters described by the television series and the published novels).  You can find the list here. Updated: April 22, 2001

Whether we like it or not, the crew roster is slowly getting completed by the writers of the television series and the novels. We Voyager fan writers already take some creative liberties when writing our stories, making up our own characters to write about. However, undoubtedly there will come a time when the number of officers we consign to Voyager will push the number over the limit set by canon (if it hasn't already been done! :) Some writers simply may not care too much about violating this limit - after all, we are not canon, so we shouldn't be obliged to stick too closely with it (and there's always the "parallel universe" argument, too. :) But at any rate, this list is here as a facilitation to those who might get stuck for names, ranks, or whatever, and to make stories more tightly bound to canon. (Of course, whether or not one chooses to stick with canon is one's own decision - I'm not trying to force this on anyone!)

Beta Reader Index List

Looking for someone to smooth out the egdes of your latest Star Trek story?  Or perhaps you're interested in dispensing your own knowledge and advice for other Star Trek fan fiction writers?  Either way, this is the place to go.  The BRI List is a one stop shop of people graciously willing to offer their time and services as beta readers for Star Trek fan fiction.

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