U.S.S. Voyager Crew Manifest

This list comprises of all characters mentioned in Star Trek:Voyager canon, current to series finale End Game and the Pocket Books novel Pathways.

As you will see, there is a lot of information missing - that's all I could scrape together. We'll just have to get by using non-canon information for these characters we have until The Powers That Be settle on names, genders, species and ranks. However, if anyone has additional canon information, be a pal and please e-mail me? I'll be your friend! :)

Note: Personnel not assigned rank given rank of "Crewman" until specified otherwise.)

Nother Note: Proper credit should be given to Steven McKinnon for providing resources of the minor crew (and to catch a glimpse of the meticulous work he's put into it, go here!)

How To Read The Table

The list is sorted first by rank, then lexically by last name. Names are written as Last name, First name. In cases where last name or first name is omitted (or character is given only a one-word name) the missing name is replaced with a '?'. Gender and species of non-human characters are given in braces (if known). The fourth column provides other miscellaneous information, such as the novel series number the character was first introduced (not introduced in the TV series), or if the crewman is deceased or otherwise not part of the active crew roster.

If you want to know how I arrived at these numbers, don't ask. ;) I doubt they're at all accurate anyway. Some of the base numbers, however, are available at Steven's site (as mentioned above), where he attempts a bit of math. At the moment I have 12 dead/missing people unaccounted for. (The John/Jane Does as Steven notes on his Dead Pile.) It seems quite clear now that Captain Janeway has sanctioned the use of cloning technology to keep the crew from thinning out!

Total crew: 226 Total active crew: 190
Senior Staff
Captain Janeway, Kathryn Captain, U.S.S. Voyager
Lt. Commander Chakotay, ? {M} Executive Officer
Lt. Commander Tuvok, ? {Vulcan,M} Chief of Security
Lt. (j.g) Torres, B'Elanna {Human/Klingon} Chief of Engineering
Lt. (j.g) Paris, Thomas Eugene Flight Controller
Ensign Kim, Harry Operations Officer
Neelix, ? {Talaxian,M} Cook, Morale Officer assigned off ship (Homestead)
Program, EMH Chief Medical Officer
Kes, ? {Ocampa,F} Medical Assistant Evolved into higher life-form (The Gift)
Hansen, Annika
(Of Nine, Seven) {Human/Borg}
Head of Astrometrics
Commander Bartlett J. {?} (deceased)
Lt. Commander McLaren L. {?} (deceased)
Lt. Commander Zeilen T. {?} (deceased)
Lieutenant Anderson Lydia
Lieutenant Arkinson ? {M}
Lieutenant Ayala ? {M}
Lieutenant Bandiero ? {M} DOH3
Lieutenant Baxter Walter
Lieutenant Burleson ? {F} DOH3
Lieutenant Carey Joe (deceased)
Lieutenant Chafin ? DOH3
Lieutenant Chapman William
Lieutenant Collins ? {M} #4
Lt. (j.g.) DuChamps ? {M} DoH #4
Lieutenant Durst Pete (deceased)
Lieutenant Ewing J. {?} (deceased)
Lieutenant Frazier ? {M} #6
Lieutenant Hargrove ? {M}
Lieutenant Imbro ? {M} #11
Lieutenant Karlock ? {M} #11
Lieutenant Kellar Zon #13
Lieutenant Nicoletti Susan
Lieutenant Rabinowitz ? {M} DOH3
Lieutenant Ramirez Luis #16 (deceased #19)
Lieutenant Rollins ? {M}
Lieutenant Ryzen ? {Trill,F} S-31
Lieutenant Seamen I. {?} (deceased)
Lieutenant Stevenson ? {M} #13
Lieutenant Weiss ?
Ensign Alery Matein {Bajoran} S-31
Ensign Andujar ? DOH3
Ensign Aris ? S-317
Ensign Ashmore ?
Ensign Assink ? {Human/Aleutian,M} #13 (deceased)
Ensign Ballard Lindsay (deceased)
Ensign Bassatt ? #5
Ensign Baytart Pablo
Ensign Bennett ? {M} (deceased)
Ensign Bereyt ? {Bajoran,F} #3
Ensign Berggren ? {M} #2
Ensign Bristow Freddy
Ensign Bronowski Doug
Ensign Brooks ? {F}
Ensign Campbell Lyssa #16
Ensign Chell ? {Bolian,M}
Ensign Chen Rob #18
Ensign Crag Amanda J. (deceased)
Ensign Culhane ? {M}
Ensign Davis ? {M} S-31
Ensign Dawson Peter #5
Ensign Dvorak Marta #5
Ensign Farley ?
Ensign Fowler ? {M} #12
Ensign Gallagher ? {F}
Ensign Gilbert ? {F} S-31
Ensign Golwat ? {Bolian,F}
Ensign Harper ? {F}
Ensign1 Henley Mariah1
Ensign Harrison Brad Pathways
Ensign Hickman ? {M}
Ensign Hogan ? {M} (deceased)
Ensign Hoffmann ? #2
Ensign Holland ? #18
Ensign Iglesias Pablo #5
Ensign Jenkins ? {F}
Ensign Jetal Ahni (deceased)
Ensign Johnson ? {F} #19
Ensign Jourdan Erin #13
Ensign Jurot ? {F, Betazoid}
Ensign Kale Greta Mosaic
Ensign Kaplan Marie (deceased)
Ensign Kaplan ? {F}6
Ensign Kayla ? {Bajoran,F} #12
Ensign Kirby ? {M} #19 (deceased)
Ensign Krevorr ? {Ktaran,F} #13
Ensign Kyoto ? {F}
Ensign Laek ? {M} #11
Ensign Lang ? {F}
Ensign LeFevre Nate Mosaic
Ensign Lithadolous ? S-31
Ensign Luke Roberta S-31 (deceased)8
Ensign MacAlister ? {M}
Ensign Mandel Daphne #8 (assigned off ship)
Ensign Mannus ?
Ensign Martin ? {M} (deceased)
Ensign McCormick ? {F}
Ensign Mendez ? {M} (deceased)
Ensign Messingham ? {F}
Ensign Ming Charles (deceased)
Ensign Mkubata ? #8
Ensign Molina ? {M}
Ensign Mulcahey ? {M}
Ensign Murphy Steven9
Ensign N'Gara Richard {M} #5
Ensign Navarro ? {M} #4
Ensign Ortega ? #8
Ensign Parnoveh ? {F} #152
Ensign Parsons ? {M}
Ensign Parke ? {F} DOH3
Ensign Powell ? {F}
Ensign Renehan ? {F} #11
Ensign Riley ? {M} #21
Ensign Rodriguez ? {F} #13
Ensign Ryson ?
Ensign Seska ? {BajoranCardassian,F} (deserted, deceased)
Ensign Sharr Renlay
Ensign Starr Julie #15
Ensign Stephens ? {M} #7
Ensign Strickler ? {M}
Ensign Suder Lon {Betaziod} (deceased)
Ensign Tabor ? {Bajoran,M}
Ensign Tala ? {Bajoran,F} #4
Ensign Trumari ?
Ensign Tukwila Susan #13 (deceased)
Ensign Vorik ? {Vulcan,M}
Ensign Wildman Samantha
Ensign Wong Li #5
Ensign10 Wu ? {M} DoH #4
Ensign Yarro ? {F} #4
Unlisted Crew
Chief Eg'gyrs ? {Human/Romulan,M} #12
Chief Filz ? #9
Crewman Allyn Gabrielle Pathways
Crewman Bendera Kurt (deceased)
Crewman Biddle ?
Crewman Blain ?
Crewman Boylan ? {M}
Crewman Briscoe ? #18
Crewman Browning ? DOH3
Crewman Carlson ? {M}
Crewman Carter ? {M} #4
Crewman Couls ? #18
Crewman Dalby Kenneth
Crewman Darwin Frank
Crewman Delaney Jenny
Crewman Delaney Megan
Crewman Dell M? {M}
Crewman Dembinski ? #13
Crewman DeShay ? #11
Crewman Devlin ? #1 DoH #4
Crewman Devlin ? #2 DoH #4
Crewman Dezago ? #18
Crewman Dorado ? {F}
Crewman Doyle ? {M}
Crewman Emmanuel ?
Crewman Evans ? {M} #3
Crewman Fairman Paul #5
Crewman Felice ? #13
Crewman Fitzpatrick ? {M}
Crewman Foster ?
Crewman Francis ?
Crewman Gangle ? #18
Crewman Gennaro ? {M}
Crewman Gerron ? {Bajoran,M}
Crewman Gibson Frank5
Crewman Gibson Patrick
Crewman Gilmore Marla
Crewman Glavach ? #18
Crewman Grimes ? {M}
Crewman Hamilton ?
Crewman Harren Mortimer
Crewman Henard ? {M}
Crewman Hutchinson ? {M} Mosaic
Crewman Jackson ?
Crewman Jarvin ? {M}
Crewman Jarvis ? {M}
Crewman Jonar ? {M} #11
Crewman Jonas Micheal (deceased)
Crewman Jones ?
Crewman Jor ? {Bajoran,F}
Crewman Lang ? {M}
Crewman Larson ? {M}
Crewman Lessard ? #18
Crewman Lessing Noah
Crewman Lewis ?
Crewman Lothridge Josh #18
Crewman Maceda ? {M} #11
Crewman Mannick Noah Pathways
Crewman McCabe ? #11
Crewman McKenzie William
Crewman McMinn ?
Crewman Mitchell ? {M}
Crewman Morganstern ? {F} DoH #4
Crewman Morrow James
Crewman Nozawa ? {M}
Crewman Nozawa Kashimuro
Crewman O'Donnell ? {M}
Crewman Ogdanovich Pietr #5
Crewman Onasis Dmitri #5
Crewman Paisner ? {M} DoH #4
Crewman Pao ? {F} #11
Crewman Quarante ? {M} #11
Crewman Robertson ? {M}
Crewman Rogers ?
Crewman Rossi ? #18
Crewman Sakhlova Joie #11
Crewman S'dbrg ? #13
Crewman Seremak ? #18
Crewman Sophen Brian
Crewman Spencer ? #18
Crewman Stone ? #18
Crewman Storozuk ? #18
Crewman Swift ?
Crewman Swinn ? {F}
Crewman Tal Celes {Bajoran}
Crewman Tasoni Angelo
Crewman Telfer William
Crewman T'kengo ? #18
Crewman Townsel ? #18
Crewman Trayl Ardan {Mastikaan} DOH3
Crewman Trexis ? {Bajoran,M} DoH #4
Crewman U'lanai ?
Crewman White ? {F}
Crewman Yosa ? {M}
Crewman Yoshiko ? #11
Other/Civilian Crew
Azan ? {M} {?/Borg} (adopted by Norcadian family)
Baby X {F} {?/Borg}
Icheb ? {M} {Brunali/Borg}
Marika Wilcara {Bajoran/Borg} (deceased4)
Mezoti ? {F} {Norcadian/Borg} (returned to family)
Paris Miral {Human/Klingon}
Rebi ? {M} {?/Borg} (adopted by Norcadian family)
Wildman Naomi {F} {Human/Ktarian}


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