Star Trek Fanfic Authors - Roll Call

Rather than just have a general links page, I thought it might be a little different to give my fellow fanfic writers some special attention.  Thus, this page will only point to their home pages (you will undoubtedly be able to easily find their fan fiction from there!)  It's interesting to see the different types of personalities out there that share the same interest in writing Star Trek fan fiction.  You'd be surprised!

If you have authored your own Star Trek fan fiction and have an Internet home page but don't see it listed here, or if your link is pointing into the void of cyberspace, please drop me a line.  I'd like to see how big this list will get.

NOTE: Since the Internet is a public forum, I don't control what other people put on their web pages.  If you find the content of any of these links objectionable, well...that's life.  There's really nothing I can do about it.

My current list of author home pages include: (as of November 14, 2002.  D indicates a dead link.)

So far, a total of 83 (excluding mine).

Darrel W. Beach, BSc.
Programmer/Developer, Focus Systems Inc.
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