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'Why such an odd name for a home page?' you're probably asking yourself right now. There's a perfectly cogent explanation for that. I created this page three years ago while I was working as an intern at Northern Telecom Ltd. in Nepean, Ontario. The department I was working for, STP Performance and Modelling, was designated sub-division 7M, department 24.  The name has since stuck, particularly because I haven't thought to re-name the darn thing.

Some of you are going to notice the slight change in this site's style.  Now that I've finally escaped the evil clutches of the University of Alberta I've decided to move back towards the basics, which means fewer frames.  That's not to say I'm going to forget about them completely, though.  Like everything else in life, HTML programming is a process of constant learning.  There's also this thing called Java that I'm still learning about.

Yeah, I'm a fan of Star Trek. You really want to make something of it?  Funny thing is, I wasn't always this way. I'd probably have to go back to around 1989 or 1990 before I really got interested in a phenomenon that's lasted for over 30 years now. It boggles the mind how one man's idea of the future can have such persistence.  Then again, it just goes to show us that positive uniting forces do exist in this universe.  Gene Roddenberry's legacy will likely be just as strong another 30 years from now.

What's Here At This Station

I've become increasingly obsessed with Star Trek ever since I accidentally stumbled upon the Next Generation episode "Yesterday's Enterprise", one of the best shows ever to be produced for that series. I have now watched nearly every Star Trek show in existence from every series and every motion picture (the bad ones are only foggy memories now). Not only that, I've started reading the published novels, and a couple of years ago I began writing my own Star Trek fan fiction.  The only thing I haven't done yet is attend a Star Trek convention, and only because I've been more concerned with paying for my education.  The fun stuff can wait a little longer!

To keep this site a respectable size, I won't have any digital images of Star Trek here (I mean, hey, there are already hundreds of other sites out in this vast internet that have pictures, and they'll likely have all the images I've got anyway.)  However, I've got plenty of links to fill the void, and I mean plenty! There's a lot of good sites out there (plus some mighty odd and wacky ones too!) related to Star Trek, and I want to share with you some of places I've visited.

The Writers' Corner

Aside from the links, one very special part of this site is The Writers' Corner, my tribute to one of the greatest collections of people I've ever met on the internet: the Star Trek fan fiction community.  In The Writers' Corner you'll find lots of stuff related to the art of writing Star Trek fan fiction, including my own collective works.  Both readers and authors alike should find this a worthwhile place to visit!

Places Where I'm Linked

The U of A Star Trek Club. Naturally, I'd have a link to this university club's esteemed website. After all, I did maintain the site while I was part of the executive staff last year. You'll find my fingerprints all over that place, especially the rather creative accounts of the club history.
The 2366 "Galaxy Class" Camaro. This car is a definite show-stopper! The designers really pulled out the stops to make this car as hi-tech as possible with today's most advanced automotive creature comforts. One of my life's goals would have to be seeing this car in person - it deserves that much respect!
Sev Trek's The Great Link.  When I picked up John's weekly strip, seen here:
Sev Trek header
Sev Trek - cartoon spoofs of Star Trek. Copyright 1997 byJohn Cook.
The Transporter Chief
The Fanfic Finder

Even More Links

Wax your web boards and surf along these other Star Trek based sites:

The Mother of All Star Trek sites - Star Trek:WWW
Star Trek Nexus
StarFleet International
Kevin Kelm's plot generator for Star Trek: The Next Generation
StarBase C3
Christoph Reuter's Starfleet Database for Star Trek:Voyager
Largent's No New Star Trek Page
Allronix's Filk Page
Deep Space Nine Station Tour
Starbase One
Trekaholics Anonymous

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