Musical Muses

At some point in time you've probably come across a piece of Star Trek fan fiction that includes lyrics to songs.  By way of explanation, sometimes a fanfic writer will listen to a particular song and suddenly come up with an idea for a Star Trek story, often for a particular character of character pairing (probably all love songs could be mapped to a romance pairing of some kind!)  Sometimes other songs or instrumentals can help a writer get into the right frame of mind for writing.  I'm certainly no different.

That's what motivated me to create Musical Muses (though not an original idea; partial credit has to go the other Star Trek fanfic writers out there who have put lyric-based content on their sites).  All the lyrics here have in some way made me think of Star Trek.  Some describe characters, others depict situations or relationships that have either come up in the shows or been invented by other writers, and still others supply themes that could be developed into interesting story lines.