Welcome to the Beach House!

Just think of this page as an oasis, where you can momentarily escape the pressures of homework, labs, and other things associated with Computing Science.

Doin' time in Comp. Sci.

I've just completed my 4th year of the Specialization program in Computing Science. What exactly does that mean? To me, it basically means having the common sense not to pursue an Honours program because you know your brain wouldn't be able to handle the strain. Unfortunately, I still have one more year to look forward to before I graduate.

In May, 1995 I was one of several fortunate Comp. Sci. students to experience the Industrial Internship Program. In essence, the IIP is a 16-month furlough from university to earn some practical experience in the real world. Now you get a chance to put your school knowledge to good use before you get your degree, and earn some cash to pay off all those student loans you've been stockpiling!

My IIP experience was situated at Nortern Telecom Ltd. (NORTEL) in Ottawa, the Silicon Valley of the North. I was hired by the STP Performance & Modelling department (7M24) as a software designer.

Clubs and Other Interests

Right now I'm involved with the following orgainizations:

And just to make you think I have a life, I do have a number of hobbies, such as:

Favorite TV Programs

Note: These are my personal preferences, and in no way represent the preferences of all Computing Science students in the world.

Favorite Music Artists

Brooks & Dunn John Anderson Mark Chestnutt
Diamond Rio Shania Twain Wilson Phillips
Amy Grant Janet Jackson Phil Collins
The Corrs Tom Petty Dire Straits


Here's a composite of some of my favorite WWW links:
Starbase 7M24, my Star Trek page
The X-Files home page
The X-Files Creative Fiction archive
The official ReBoot home page
Sports section
Riddle du Jour
The Dilbert Zone

Darrel W. Beach
Undergraduate, Computing Science,
University of Alberta
E-mail: darrel@cs.ualberta.ca , dbeach@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca