The Haiku Challenge

Darrel W. Beach

August, 2000


Mike Hollihan dared the writers of Alt.Startrek.Creative to come up with haikus that captured the essence of Star Trek.  Here's what I came up with.

Star Trek: Original Series
Sorry, Jim, he's dead.
I did all that I could do.
He's in God's hands, now.
Photon torpedo?
It's a Russian inwention.
Vould I make that up?
One born of mixed blood
Human traits test Vulcan calm
But culture gap bridged
1. Once a savage land
   Arid planet divided
   Surak showed the way
2. Now civilized
   Emotions tempered by thought
   Logic now prevails

Star Trek: The Next Generation
My body transformed
To kiloquads of data
Hope I reappear
Attention, all hands!
Standard evac procedures,
Warp core is breaching!
Terra, blue and green
Federation's crown jewel
True paradise

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Young and beautiful
Outward appearance deceives
Wise beyond measure

Star Trek: Voyager
Oh, Intrepid souls,
What perils must you endure
To reach safe harbour?
Take any cuisine,
Leola root adds texture
Eat up and enjoy!
Just ones and zeroes
Photons and forcefields combine
Our colleague and friend
Klingon and Human,
With much struggle she fights her
Dual heritage

The Paths of the Prophets
A special DS9 haiku epic: 15 stanzas, written in the form of a Bajoran vedek's memoirs following Captain Benjamin Sisko's disappearance in the Bajoran fire caves in the series finale What You Leave Behind.
1. This station of peace,
   Protector of the Temple
   Once home to demons
2. Sweeping lines and arcs
   Seems tragic that such beauty
   Hides an ugly past
3. They raped and pillaged
   Tortured and killed our people,
   And the Prophets wept
4. We broke free the chains
   And shackles that oppressed us,
   But at severe cost
5. The Cardies now gone,
   Our agression turned inward
   Now our children wept
6. Starfleet came to aid
   Restore our world and our pride
   But we resisted
7. Once bitten, twice shy
   We suspected their motives
   And presence questioned
8. We did not fathom
   Their role in Bajor's future
   The Prophets designed
9. From the Enterprise
   The Sisko came to guide us
   Watching from above
10. Not born of Bajor
   He balked at his destiny
   As pious icon
11. But then the Prophets
   Taught him the value of faith,
   Made him understand
12. We grew together,
   Believing in each other's
   Virtues and visions
13. And for seven years
   We sought the Sisko's council,
   His strength and courage
14. Until now at last
   We work and fight together
   For a common goal
15. And though now gone to
   Walk the paths of the Prophets,
   He walks with us still

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