Who Am I

Written by Randy Albright & Debi Cochran
Performed by Diamond Rio

This would also be good for a Paris/Torres pairing.

There must have been some realignment
Between the sun and the stars
That changed my fate the day you changed my life
I was destined to be nobody special
Till you saw somebody in me
And made me believe I could be that lucky guy
Still it's hard to understand
How I became the man that I am

But who am I / To be loved by you
The way that I am / The way that you do
I don't deserve / A love this true
Who am I / To be loved by you

You could be waltzing in Paris
Or sipping champagne on some yacht
But here you are in my arms tonight
It's more than my heart can fathom
That this is where you choose to be
The rest of your life and the rest of your love is mine
You say you have no doubts
Me, I'm trying to figure it out


Who am I / To be loved by you