Walkin' Away

Written by Annie Roboff & Craig Wiseman
Performed by Diamond Rio

This made me automatically think of Voyager's Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres.

Sometimes a careless word just rolls right off of my tongue
No matter what I do it leaves you all undone
Hey baby, no need to go crazy over some little something I said
Can't you see you're the keeper of my heart
Even when I lose my head

We still got it good no matter how bad it gets
Even after all this time the slipper still fits
Hey, just look at how far we've come by choosing to stay
Baby don't go there, love don't get nowhere walkin' away

Sometimes the whisper of love gets lost in the angry shout
Even hearts that are in this deep might think about an easy way out
One honest touch makes those worries just fade like stars at dawn
These occasional moments of weakness
Only makes our love more strong


It gets easier all the time
Oh, and harder and harder to leave behind