Rainy Day Woman

Written by Waylon Jennings
Performed by Mark Chesnutt & Waylon Jennings

Ah, I don't know, I just the get this picture of Paris and Torres during one of their rough moments.

Oh, rainy day woman
I never seem to see you for the good times or the sunshine
You have been a friend of mine, rainy day woman

That woman of mine, she ain't happy
'Til she finds something wrong or someone to blame
If it ain't one thing it's another one on the way

Woke up this mornin' to the sunshine
It sure as hell looks just like rain
But I know where to go on a cloudy day


Always the same, never complain
Though times gotta be tough
Its not right for you, what can I do
I can never think of givin' you up

Repeat Chorus Twice