Oh No

Written by Al Anderson & Mike Lawler
Performed by 4 Runner

This song practically cries out to be made into a Deep Space Nine story about Miles and Keiko O'Brien.

I work my fingers / Down to the bone
Sometimes I think I won't last
I've had this job clean up to my ears
I'm goin' nowhere real fast
But I know somebody / Knows just what I need
And when I get home / She says to me

Oh no
I hate to see you hurtin' this way
C'mon over baby and turn out the lights
I know a little somethin' that'll make it alright
Oh yeah
She said, baby pull down them shades
Let's call it a day and light up the night
A little bit of lovin'll make it alright
A little bit of lovin'll make it alright

There's too much trouble / In this old world
Seems people can't get along
And it makes me wonder what I'm doin' here
Someplace where I don't belong
Then I remember right where I should be
And when I get home she says to me


She comforts me so tenderly
Makes me forget that world outside
She holds me tight all through the night
And makes it alright
Now I've got somebody, knows just what I need
'Cause when we're alone she says to me