Home Alone

Written by Dennis W. Wilson & Craig Morris
Performed by 4 Runner

This song made me think about Kathryn Janeway's beau, Mark, and what he might have experienced when Voyager first disappeared.

I've been thinkin' about you

The alarm clock sounds half past seven
Rudely interrupts this dream I'm havin'
I'd rather have you wake me whisperin' my name
This house is too quiet, this house is too cold
Click on the mornin' TV show
Talkin' to myself, wishin' it was you
Wishin' you would've stayed

I've been thinkin' about you
Just like I thought about you all mornin' (evenin') long
This house is empty without you
But not as empty as my heart, since I've been home alone

Friday Night and the work week's through
I come home to five empty rooms
It doesn't take long for the walls to start closin' in
I hated my dinner, I hate the TV
I hate you ain't here with me
I wish I had a pill I could take
So I wouldn't wake up till I see you again

Repeat Chorus Twice