Musical Muses

I'm sure that at some point in time you've come across a piece of Star Trek fan fiction that includes lyrics to songs.  Like a lot of people here (I assume), music is part of my creative process when it comes to writing. (It's actually a scientific fact that different types of music can stimulate the cognitive centers of the brain!)  You know how it is: you just can't sit down at the computer without turning on your stereo and plugging in your favorite CDs or some good mood music to get your brain juices flowing.  Sometimes a fanfic writer will listen to a particular song and suddenly come up with an idea for a Star Trek story, often for a particular character of character pairing (probably all love songs could be mapped to a romance pairing of some kind!)  Sometimes other songs or instrumentals can help a writer get into the right frame of mind for writing.

That's more or less how I came up with Musical Muses (though not an original idea; partial credit has to go the other Star Trek fanfic writers out there who have put lyric-based content on their sites, thus giving me the idea to do the same).  All the lyrics you'll find here have in some way made me think of Star Trek when I've heard them.  Some of them describe characters, others depict situations or relationships that have either come up in the shows or been invented by other writers, and still others supply themes that could be developed into interesting story lines.


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Play List:
     All Over But The Shoutin'
     Cry A River
     Heartbroke Every Day
     Home Alone
     How Long Gone
     If That Was A Lie
     Love & Gravity
     Love To Love You
     Oh How The Years Go By
     Oh No
     Politics, Religion & Her
     Rainy Day Woman
     The Dark Of The Sun
     The River & The Higway
     To The Moon & Back
     Too Good To Be True
     Walkin' Away
     When It Comes To You
     Who Am I
     Who's Who
     Your Love Don't Take A Backseat to Nothing